Understanding China's glasses manufacturing industry

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China is the world's largest manufacturer of spectacles and the most comprehensive category of spectacle products. According to incomplete

statistics, there are about 6000 glasses manufacturers in China, mainly in Wenzhou, Taizhou and Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.And Dongguan, 

Jiangsu Danyang, Fujian Xiamen and Jiangxi Yujiang several major producing areas. Glasses made in China include optical frames, sunglasses, 

presbyopic glasses, swimming glasses, labor protection glasses, ski glasses, glasses accessories, glasses packaging, etc.Optical lenses, all kinds of 

sunglasses, glasses raw materials, glasses production equipment, optical equipment, contact lenses, care fluid, corneal plastic lenses and contact

lens companion box and many other categories.According to China Customs statistics, China's eyeglasses industry exports in 2017 totaled 5.37 

billion US dollars (excluding instruments and equipment, eyeglasses packaging), an increase of 7.25% compared with the same period in 2016.

More than 60% of the glasses sold worldwide now come from China's glasses factories, including frames, sunglasses, presbyopic glasses and more

than 40% of the optical lenses.

China's global accounts for spectacles

Global market share of glasses category

More than 60% optical frames.

more than 60% Sunglasses. 

more than 60% presbyopic glasses.

more than 40% optical lens.

more than 60% mirror box cloth. 

More than 60% sheet metal.


Guangdong: the high-end eyeglasses manufacturing base being transferred

Shenzhen and Dongguan are not only China's high-end glasses manufacturing base, but also the global high-end mirror frame manufacturing base. 

At present, there are about 20 glasses factories with more than 300 people in Guangdong. The world famous glasses factories such as Yajun, Xinyi and

LUXOTTICA are all in Guangdong. However, with the increasing cost of manufacturing glasses in Guangdong and the transformation of the local 

economic development mode, the glasses manufacturing factories in Guangdong are constantly shifting to Wenzhou and other regions.


Wenzhou: relay global middle and high end spectacles manufacturing

Wenzhou is not only the most concentrated glasses manufacturing base in China and even in the world, but also the fastest-growing and fastest-growing

glasses producing area in China and even in the world.At present, there are about 700 glasses manufacturing enterprises in Wenzhou, more than 70 

glasses gauge enterprises, more than 30 glasses manufacturing factories with more than 300 people, the annual output of glasses exceeds 1 billion to 

pay, the output value exceeds 20 billion.With the improvement of Wenzhou glasses manufacturing quality and the rising cost of Guangdong glasses 

manufacturing, a large number of high-grade glasses orders are accelerating to Wenzhou, Kaiyun, LUXOTTICA, Xiafeno and other global brand companies 

have ordered in Wenzhou.



Taizhou: medium and low grade sunglasses are mainly made.

In recent years, Duqiao and Jiaojiang spectacles production areas in Taizhou have achieved rapid development after successfully undertaking the transfer

of middle and low-grade spectacles manufacturing.At present, there are more than 1000 glasses manufacturing enterprises of different sizes, with an 

annual output value of more than 20 million enterprises of about 80, mainly producing low-grade injection sunglasses, polarizing glasses and sunglasses.



Yuhuan: World glasses accessories base

Jade Ring is a real manufacturing base for glasses accessories in China and even in the world. Two of the five largest glasses accessories enterprises in the

world are in Jade Ring and half of the 10 largest glasses accessories enterprises in China.At present, Yuhuan has more than 300 glasses accessories enterprises, 

more than 300 people of 5 glasses accessories enterprises, annual output of all kinds of glasses accessories more than 1 billion, output value of more than 

3 billion, in addition to selling the Chinese market, but also sold to Vietnam, South Korea, India, Bangladesh and other countries and regions.



Danyang: World optical lens production base

Danyang is the largest optical lens production base in China and even in the world. At present, there are nearly 600 manufacturing enterprises with more 

than 50,000 employees. The output of lens accounts for 75% of the country and 40% of the world.Total sales amounted to about 15 billion in 2017. The total 

import and export value of spectacles in Danyang City was 349 million US dollars, up 7.64% year on year, accounting for 12.57% of the total import and export

value of foreign trade in Danyang City.